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“Redefining the Conscious Precious Metals Ecosystem…”

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Doromet is a ready, willing and able Buyer of the following Precious Metals in either Dore, Sands, or Scrap format:


  • Gold

  • Palladium

  • Iridium

  • Platinum

  • Rhodium

  • Silver

Furthermore, we have representation and buying capabilities in the following countries:

♢ Brazil  

♢ Colombia  

♢ Ecuador  

♢ Peru             

♢ Burkina Faso

♢ Guinea   

♢  Ivory Coast

♢ Mali                           



Doromet’s foundation is deep rooted in the NYC financial network, having been extremely reputable within the financial community for years.  We have ample capital under management and have full discretion and authority to undertake the Principal role of a precious metals trade.   In addition to being a Principal Buyer of precious metals, Doromet can finance a various array of precious metals projects that may need some form of working capital or bridge financing assistance.



Safe and secured logistic planning is a core competence of Doromet’s precious metals operation.  Doromet’s logistic advisory services positions themselves as market leader in both domestic and global exporting from mining sites, secured warehouses or laboratories to various aerial export hubs.  We are also cognizant that precious metals are mined within the confines of some of the hardest to reach places on Earth, and we also understand that this is often the hardest obstacle to overcome.  Our Team at Doromet coupled with our strong alliances with some of the most reliable secured logistical companies in the world, and are more than capable of properly planning a secured logistical solution that is warranted. 



Doromet has an institutional precious metals futures trading account with a non-banking member of the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) and London Metal Exchange (LME).  Having such an account enables us to fully hedge any expected delivery of precious metal to us beyond 30 days, and in some cases up to 180 days. This allows us and our clients to lock in price levels on ‘matched’ precious metals trades in order to minimize any risk associated with any unforeseen market fluctuations.  We also have the ability lock in a sale price with each of our respective refineries up to 30 days in advance.

Services 1
Services 2

Global Representation

Doromet’s strong relationships, local market intelligence and unparalleled understanding of the South American Precious Metals Supply Chain enables us to offer a Refinery the exclusive representation in country to source new supply.  Our superior client service can be custom tailored to meet the supply requirements and payment terms of our Refinery clients. 

Institutional Services

Doromet is a registered “Introducing Agent” of a Fortune 500 financial services company and a non-banking member of the LBMA and LME.  Having such a strategic alliance allows Doromet to introduce refineries and large-scale miners for a more efficient and technologically advanced full-service precious metals trading platform and global access to the related financial markets.

Financial Network

Through our diverse Financial Network of banks, trade finance companies, hedge funds and family offices, Doromet can structure the proper debt financing needs for working capital, expansion, acquisition or bridge financing.  Furthermore, we can also arrange for Asset Based Loans and Trade Finance secured against Accounts Receivable, Purchase Orders, Off-take Agreements, Equipment or Precious Metals Inventory.

Corporate Governance

Integrity, Transparency and Responsibility are the fundamental cornerstones of our ethical standards.  At Doromet, we strive to fully comply with the USA Patriot Act and all LBMA Responsible Supply Chain requirements.  We take rigorous measures with our due diligence onboarding process of our Suppliers and constantly monitor and supervise our employees and representatives of Doromet.

Contact Us

USA - Corporate Headquarters

246 West 38th Street

New York, NY 10018

Sales & Supply

Investment Opportunities

MBLTBullLogo3 (1).png


Rua Ferro, 1050 - Parque Sao Pedro


San Paulo | Brazil


Calle 8B # 65-191, Oficina 138 

Centro Empresarial, Puerto Seco

Medellín | Antioquia | Colombia

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