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Our Foundation

Doromet Inc., formerly MBLT Consulting Corp., was formed in 2013 by a collective Team of serial entrepreneurs with vast capital sources to both consult and finance niche global trade finance opportunities.  Since inception, Doromet has shifted its focus from trade financier to transaction Principal. Our core focus is the direct purchase and sale of precious metals coupled with our strong supply relationships and partnerships throughout South America, mainly Brazil and Colombia.  Doromet has aligned itself with some of the most well organized and reputable Suppliers (Cooperatives and Artisanal Miners) in conjunction with partnering with very established and credible Export Commercialization Companies to facilitate the proper foreign exportation of precious metals.  Having such diligent ‘Supply Partners’ enables Doromet to effectively exit these precious metals to some of the most recognizable refineries in the U.S.A., Switzerland and Dubai.  In summation, Doromet provides its Suppliers with full-service precious metals trading capability and global access to the related financial and refinery markets they may seek.  

Our Vision

To identify, develop and maximize unique precious metal trading opportunities throughout South America that require trusted “out of the box” thinking in order to solve either financial or logistical hurdles.

Our Mission

To deliver a fully transparent and compliant supply chain ‘Ecosystem’ from Supplier to End Buyer, while adding tremendous value to both and becoming their utmost trusted counter-party along the way.


USA - Corporate Headquarters

246 West 38th Street

New York, NY 10018

Sales & Supply

Investment Opportunities

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Rua Ferro, 1050 - Parque Sao Pedro


San Paulo | Brazil


Calle 8B # 65-191, Oficina 138 

Centro Empresarial, Puerto Seco

Medellín | Antioquia | Colombia

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